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Playing with a racquet  and other equipments you are comfortable with makes it easier for you to focus on your game. Custom Tennis offers a range of racquet customisation services including restringing and regripping and other tennis equipments to help you take your game to the next level!


Tennis racquet weight and balance customisation

Adding weight to a racquet can add more power and plow through to your shot. It may also improve the maneuverability of the racquet. Depending on what type of player you are or what you are looking to achieve in your game, we can do the customisations to suit you.

Tennis racquet weight and balance matching

Buying the same tennis racquet doesn’t mean that it will feel the same when you swing it on court. This is mainly because of the racquet’s static weight, balance and swingweight. There might be a slight difference on those 3 aspect between each of the same racquet that you own. If you are looking for a similar feel when you swing your racquets, we can match it for you.

Increase tennis racquet grip size

Choosing the right grip size can help prevent injuries from prolonged use of a grip that is too small. If you noticed that your racquet is twisting in your hand upon impact with the ball, your racquet grip might be too small for you.


Using a worn out grip may cause injuries on your forearm from squeezing the racquet’s handle too hard or may be a hazard on the court. Worn out grip will make your grip feel slippery especially during a heated tennis game.


We offer one of the most competitive price on tennis racquet stringing. Hybrid stringing is also available. Let us know your preferences and we will do it for you.

Services Price
Increase half grip size (1/16)(sleeve included) $15
Increase one grip size (1/8)(sleeve included) $15
Racquet weight and balance customisation  $25/racquet
Racquet weight and balance matching  $20/racquet
Change replacement grip  (excluding grip) $5/racquet
Change overgrip (overgrip included) $5 each
Change bumper guard/ grommet set (service only) $10/racquet
Restringing (service only) $20/racquet

You can drop off or mail your racquet to us at :

Custom Tennis
3/22 Hourigan Avenue, Clayton, VIC 3168

New address (starting from 2nd of January 2019) :
15 Rogerson St, Avondale Heights, VIC 3034

Reminder : When mailing a racquet to us, in order to prevent any damage please be sure to package it securely. Custom Tennis will take no responsibility for any damage caused to racquets during transit or due to insufficient packaging.